Environmental resource management has become one of the issues of our time, and the demand for top-quality environmental scientists is high. Our commitment to first-class interdisciplinary research has placed us at the forefront of environmental science study, both in Australia and internationally. We’re home to world-renowned researchers and academics, so you’ll study with people who are using their knowledge to make an impact on today’s and tomorrow’s environmental issues. Our courses give you the skills you need to make practical, positive change in areas like biodiversity, climate science, marine science, resource management and sustainability.

Career outcomes: earth scientist, ecologist marine geologist, sustainability specialist, zoologist.


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Our environmental sciences research received a rating of 5 out 5 – well above world average – in the 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation, meaning our teachers and researchers are some of the best in the world.

Our cutting-edge analytical equipment and facilities provide you with access to the latest technologies in both your lab and fieldwork.

Our holistic approach means you’re able to combine science with an understanding of its social, political and human impacts.



Macquarie University is the only university in New South Wales to offer a Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation. This unique degree was the reason I chose Macquarie; it has really enhanced my passion for environmental conservation.

Ben Kitchener

Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation


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